Classification And Admission Of Storage Rack Small Common Sense

   Storage shelf English name is storage rack, is a kind of main to put washing supplies, bath towel and other storage racks, with convenient, recycling, fashion and other characteristics. Suitable for placement in toilets and bathrooms, it is a popular home storage rack. Commercial storage racks are used to place small objects, parts, materials and so on.Storage Rack
   The classification of storage racks: 1, scattered pieces of storage racks: combined with the back hanging parts box and multi-purpose hook accessories, not only suitable for various types of material finishing, more suitable for small materials, tools, parts and all kinds of special-shaped items for safekeeping classification, fully effective use of space. Hook with the square hole hanging plate, can arbitrarily transform the hole position, positioning fast, safe and secure, to meet the various tools of the fixed management, to save time to find; back hanging parts box and louver hanging plate with the use, hanging easy, with color labels, small materials, parts can use color management classification storage; 2, box loading storage racks: Can be divided into multi-layer display of goods, the following wheels, when not used can be folded, greatly saving the warehouse space; 3, stacking rack: can be folded stacking and foldable stacking two kinds, The non-standard shape goods such as tires are stored separately.Storage Rack
   The shelf is used as supporting metal material column and supported carbon steel chrome-plated mesh, display the shelves of household items, the open design makes the storage eye visible, for the use of life goods to take no effort to find, and greatly save space, affordable, and thus more and more loved by family consumers, in the family life of the application is more and more extensive, from the kitchen placed pot with gradually applied to the living room, bathroom, toilet, bathroom, balcony and study. Racks Classification has what racks of cleaning and maintenance racks classified by Material: 1, glass frame features: Generally used tempered glass manufacturing, fashion, easy to clean, but must avoid strong collision. Cost-Effective: high 2, plastic racks features: Corrosion resistance, anti-aging, rust-free, non-toxic, tasteless, high pressure, light weight, simple construction and other characteristics. Collocation: Usually in the case of utility-oriented, the appearance is usually poor. Cost-Effective: low 3, stainless steel rack features: will not produce corrosion, pitting, corrosion or wear. Because the stainless steel has good corrosion resistance, it can make the structural parts permanently maintain the integrity of the engineering design. Collocation: The general choice hangs the wall type shelf, can very good use the space, and increases the kitchen the metal sense. Cost-Effective: Medium 4, Alloy rack features: Two or more metal or non-metallic materials with metal characteristics, such as space aluminum racks. Matching: With the same color cabinets, there will be a better decorative effect. Cost-effective: medium-high 5, clapboard shelf characteristics: By the PPR tube combination of racks, can be freely paired with the combination, the Middle hollow, put on the clapboard, clapboard color has green, orange, blue, black and other options, beautiful fashion. Collocation: The appearance is very beautiful, assemble also very simple, DIY. Price/performance: Medium high Storage Rack