Disposable Chopsticks Machine

               Introduction of disposable chopsticks machine equipment disposable chopsticks machine equipment mainly wood processing and bamboo processing class, is a kind of machine used to produce all kinds of material chopsticks, mainly electric power drive, according to the type of machine equipment can be classified as simple type; At present, the market to do chopsticks machine equipment manufacturers, Wuhan Tianlong Xiang Sheng is one of the backbone of the industry! This is mainly our commonly used, wood, bamboo, such as the main materials, machine production line first-class, chopsticks machine technology to meet the requirements of the country, this brings a lot of convenience to our daily life, at present, one-time bamboo health chopsticks best-selling Southeast Asia and Japan, Taiwan and other countries and regions, the domestic now has been widely used disposable health chopsticks, large-scale, production chopsticks investment small, quick, is short, flat, fast projects.Chopsticks

              Disposable chopsticks machine equipment processing process General chopsticks machine is a number of different functions of the equipment to be composed of bamboo processing as an example: saw the original Bamboo machine (the original bamboo saw broken into the standard bamboo)--Broken bamboo machine (divides the bamboo to slice)--The Slice machine (divides the bamboo piece the inside and outside Slub)--Drawing machine (according to the type of product to be done, pull out different specifications and shapes of bamboo strips)--fixed-scale truncation machine (sawing at the required size)--Automatic sharpening machine (for the tip of chopsticks)--automatic packaging machine (packing Factory). The use of wood scrap, hardwood, bamboo, etc., investment small, quick, very suitable for small investors.Chopsticks

               The equipment required plant 30 square meters, distribution 10-kilowatt, 1-2 operators, in the countryside directly using a small courtyard can be. Bamboo chopsticks can be produced every day 6.1 million pairs, the production of bamboo and wood signed food according to the size of different specifications, daily production of about 300,000. can also produce incense for the production of incense. The daily net profit can be about 800 yuan. The use of slack time in rural production, is a good way to make fortunes.Chopsticks