Feng Shui On The Shoe Rack

             The direction of the shoes is not particularly important, but the orientation of the shoes determines the family status between the male master and the hostess. If most of the shoes are headed toward the head, it means that the master of the home is easier to decide, whereas the hostess is the mistress. Of course, there are also horizontal, or cross put, but this does not put too big problem, is not very beautiful. If you are a hostess and want to be in power, try to adjust the direction of your shoes!

             The height of the shoe frame will affect the feelings of the family, if the shoe rack is higher than the adult's shoulder, then it is a sign that there may be a little girl in this House, whether men or women. In addition, there may be other symptoms, such as heart disease and gynecological diseases and so on. Especially the old shoes, is the most should try to avoid above the shoulder.Shoe Rack

             It has already been mentioned that there are no shoe racks in the home, and for families with more shoes, it will obviously affect the home environment if it is all on the ground. If there is no shoe holder in the home, in terms of feng shui, it is also easy to affect the relationship between husband and wife in the home, may be good when bad, suggest or prepare a shoe rack is appropriate.Shoe Rack

             The heads of the shoes are different and the men and women have different status at home. Remind friends: If most of the shoes in a family are headed up, it means that most of the situation is male. The boss is the mistress of the shoe. There is a downward direction of the family is more democratic. Shoes have horizontal put, cross put, very casually placed in the description of the family has no principle.Shoe Rack

             Shoe rack higher than the shoulders of adults, indicating the family emotional turmoil, not men have a, that is, women do not live. But also cause health problems, such as men prone to heart disease, women easily gynecological disease and so on. Especially through the old shoes, is definitely not more than the shoulders of adults.