Green Chopsticks

            An easy to use chopsticks, including two rod-shaped chopsticks, respectively, the first Chopstick ontology and the second Chopstick ontology; the top of the side wall of the first chopstick body is provided with a first top magnet, the middle part of the second chopstick body is provided with a second top magnet and a second central magnet in the middle. The first magnet is high with the second top magnet, and the magnetic pole is opposite, the first middle magnet is high with the second middle magnet, and the magnetic poles are the same.Chopsticks

            The utility model provides an easy-to-use chopstick, the use of chopsticks, the first chopstick body and the second chopstick body in the corresponding magnet, can form the required use of the state, users only need to pick it up, through the habit of the finger will be the first chopsticks body or second chopstick body close to each other, not only to complete the use of chopsticks. The use of chopsticks, simple, easy to operate, a wider range of applications, especially for the elderly and children's use.Chopsticks

             An environmentally friendly chopstick, in particular, relates to an environmentally friendly chopstick that degrades the body of chopsticks by degrading the initiator; the green chopsticks, including the chopstick body, the chopstick body is a conical hollow structure which is smooth and gradually received from the upper end, the top of the chopstick body is provided with a capping, wherein the inner tube wall of the chopstick body has a bone position along the length direction of the chopstick body, wherein the chopstick body contains a degradation initiator. The invention adopts a design of a degradation initiator, which can degrade automatically after being used. The degradation initiator inside the chopstick body uses the temperature-degraded enzyme solution, while the activity of the temperature-sensing enzyme can change with the temperature, because the temperature of the food material is high, it can induce the temperature degradation enzymes to begin to degrade the chopstick body, and the heat will maintain the active temperature during the degradation. Because the degradation takes time, the chopstick body can guarantee that it will not rupture when used, and completely degrade within the 1#2 days after use. This kind of chopsticks are both environmentally friendly and do not waste energy.Chopsticks