Single Side Series Tray

           Pallet is the most basic carrier of logistics operation level, without the application of pallet, there is no progress of modern logistics. Pallet and forklift, to achieve the mechanization of material handling operations; The combination of pallets and shelves, to achieve the orderly stacking of materials storage and greatly improve the utilization of space. Pallet selection, is the starting point of five or six kinds of material packaging storage in modern enterprise, and is the necessary way to standardize the logistics operation of enterprises.Tray

           Plastic pallet is a logistics essential equipment, widely used in machinery, automobiles, home appliances, food, medicine and other industries, with light, beautiful, corrosion-resistant, long service life, recyclable and other advantages, is the modern transportation, warehousing, packaging an important tool.

           Features 1, four-sided plug, easy to operate, 2, not only suitable for stacking in the warehouse, but also suitable for use on all types of shelves; 3, suitable for all types of truck transport, easy to set the materials of the Assembly, cell transport, etc. 4, convenient forklift, hydraulic pallet trucks and other handling tools operations; 5, with non-slip rubber, to ensure that materials in the process of handling and transport will not fall, 6, long service life, and can be used for bad reuse; 7, plastic pallets using safety, hygiene, pest-proofing, no need to repair.Tray

           Friendship Tips 1, plastic pallets must pay attention to the dynamic load, static load, shelf load and the difference between the vertical load, the different load-carrying capacity and shelf structure, environmental temperature and storage cycle is closely related. 2, Plastic pallet product size error plus or minus 2%, weight error 3%, both belong to the scope of enterprise standards allowed. 3, plastic pallets to adapt to ambient temperature: -25℃-80℃ (as far as possible to avoid sun exposure and near the heat source).Tray