Structural Stability Of Storage Rack

For size and capacity reasons, cryogenic storage systems are often designed as elevated warehouses. However, the Low-temperature elevated warehouse (the professional xxl-of the household freezer) has put forward high demands to designers, technical suppliers and users.Storage Rack 

The cantilever-type shelf material is stored in the cantilever beam fixed to the post, the cantilever has the advantages of lightweight structure and good load capacity, so it is suitable for storing long material goods and irregular goods, which can greatly improve the utilization and efficiency of the warehouse.Storage Rack 

Generally with a large logistics side loading and unloading function of side forklifts, roadway stacking cranes and other ancillary use. The cantilever rack is suitable for storing long material, ring type material, plate, pipe and irregular goods. Cantilever can be one-sided or double-sided, cantilever-type shelves with stable structure, load-carrying capacity, high spatial utilization characteristics. The cargo access is carried out by forklift truck, driving or manual.Storage Rack

The height of the cantilever rack is usually within 2.0 m (for example, up to 5 m by forklift), the cantilever length is within 2.0 meters, and each arm load is usually within 800KG. Cantilever-type shelves are used in machinery manufacturing industry and building materials supermarkets. Add the shelf, especially suitable for small space, low level of the Treasury, easy to manage, wide field of vision, utilization ratio than ordinary shelves higher.Storage Rack 

Shelf shelves are usually manual access goods, assembled structure, evenly adjustable layer spacing, goods are often used for parts or not very heavy packaged items (easy to access), the height of the shelves is usually 2. Below 5m, otherwise the manual is difficult to reach (such as the auxiliary with the ascent of the car can be set at around 3m). Unit shelf span (that is, length) should not be too long, the depth of the unit shelf (that is, width) should not be too deep, according to its unit shelf load per layer can be divided into light, medium and heavy shelf shelves, laminates mainly steel plate, wood plate two kinds.Storage Rack