The Use Of Chopsticks Stress

The daily life of the use of chopsticks is very particular about. In general, when we use chopsticks, the correct use of the method is to use the right hand chopsticks, thumbs and forefinger pinch chopsticks on the top, the other three fingers naturally bent to hold chopsticks, and chopsticks must be aligned at both ends. Chopsticks

In the course of the use of pre-chopsticks must be neatly placed on the right side of the rice bowl, after meals must be neat vertical code on the middle of the rice bowl. But this should be absolutely taboo the following twelve kinds of chopsticks use.Chopsticks

This means that before the meal or meal process, the chopsticks will be placed on the table. This practice is unlucky, usually we call it called "three long and two short". It means "death". Because the Chinese people think that after the death of people who want to be loaded into the coffin, after people installed in, not covered when the coffin cover, the composition of the coffin is before and after the two short wood, both sides of the bottom plus a total of three long board, five Piece of wood together made of coffin is just three long and two short, so that this is extremely unlucky things.Chopsticks

This is not the practice, the practice is to put one end of the chopsticks in the mouth, with the mouth back and forth, and from time to time issued a hissing sound. This behavior is seen as a degrading practice. Because in the meal with the mouth chopsticks themselves is a rude act, coupled with with the sound, it is annoying. So the general practice of this approach will be considered a lack of tutor, the same can not be allowed.Chopsticks